Supplemental Story An Overflowing Issue
The Equatorial Press looks at the negotiations between nations at the 5th World Water Forum in Istanbul.

Supplemental Story Peru Gets Environmental Loan
The Equatorial Press examines the recent World Bank loan to Peru for environmental assistance.

Supplemental Story Costa Rica Named BioGem
The Equatorial Press writes on the declaration of Costa Rica as a BioGem by a prominent environmental group.

Supplemental Story Guardians of What's Left
Talli Nauman investigates the struggles of the Naso for environmental rights in Panama.

Supplemental Story Regreening the Emerald Planet
Dr. Thomas Lovejoy offers solutions to help our planet save itself from the human-induced changes of global warming.

British Columbia Caribou Kill The Predator, Save The Prey
Anne Sherrod offers both challenges and solutions to Canada's Species at Risk Act.

Supplemental Story Advertising Can Save The Planet
Vilmar Berna looks at the interplay between advertising and the environment and sees a positive potential for education.

Supplemental Story Brazil Moves Toward Protection
Fabricio Angelo reports on the recent decision of Brazil to declare its coastline a sanctuary for whales and dolphins.