Costa Rica Named BioGem
The Equatorial Press Lead Story

Costa Rica was named the first BioGem country by the National Resources Defense Council thanks to its work on carbon neutrality. The BioGem program, previously reserved for specific natural areas that sheltered endangered species and plant life, was extended to allow the nation to join its ranks. Benefits of membership include an uptick in activism- previous BioGems have been posted onto the NRDC website to allow environmentalists to mobilize for their protection.

Costa Rica has publicly announced its intentions to become the first carbon neutral country by 2021, a major push that helped the nation secure BioGem status. In addition to their BioGem program, NRDC has promised close cooperation on energy issues with the Costa Rican Electricity Institute and ecosystem sustainability with the country's Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center.
-Equatorial Press Staff Report. Photo Courtesy of Lyng883/Flickr.