Supplemental Story Green Waves on Lake Victoria
Abisalom Omolo looks at the devastating consequences of an invasive species on Kenya's Lake Victoria.

Supplemental Story The Law That Binds The Land
Anne Mearns looks at restrictive new land laws that could lead to industrial expansion in South Africa.

Supplemental Story Kenya Fights a Burning Problem
Abisalom Omolo investigates the illegal charcoal trade that hurts Kenya both economically and environmentally.

Supplemental Story Waste Not, Want Not
The Equatorial Press reports on the recent UNEP report that targets inefficiency in our food production.

Supplemental Story 'I Will Not Let It Fall To Ruins'
Bob MajiriOghene writes on an outsized plan to save the city of Lagos from its legendary political and environmental challenges.

Supplemental Story Mining The Peace
The Equatorial Press looks into the often violent nature of Congolese mining operations, which leave neither miner nor environment unscathed.

Supplemental Story Moves To Stop A Desert's March
The Equatorial Press explores the reaction of Chad and Nigeria to the spread of the omnipresent Sahara desert.

Supplemental Story How To Clean Up For The Cup
The Equatorial Press examines South Africa's relationship to its shantytown and squatter citizens.